VLCC lovable lips strawberry, cherry review

Hey all,

I am back with the review of new VLCC lovable lips lip balm in Strawberry and cherry.

Winter is around the corner and I am on my search for the great and affordable lip balms out there. Chapped and dry lips are the things that pop up in my head when I think of winters but there is fun in wearing shawls and sweaters. Desi ghee is meant to be boon for chapped lips but we can't go out wearing ghee on our lips. That's when the lip balms come handy. I have at least four lip balms in my office desk, one near my bed and many in my dressing table.


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Skin Care

Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk review

Sri Sri Ayurveda is coming up many health and beauty products. Lately, I am bored of Patanjali, so I thought to give this a try.

Price of Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk : Rs.70/-

Cleansing milk is a very basic product that occupies a special place in all vanity. It is used to cleaning up the face and also to remove makeup. Cleansing milk is the first product to be used during facial sessions.  


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Elle 18 color pop eye liner review
Eye, Eye makeup

Elle 18 color pop liner Green review and swatch

Hi All,

This post includes review, swatch, winged eye look using Elle 18 color pop in green color. 

Elle 18 color pop eye liner review

After a long break, I have taken control of my life. I have decided to do all the things that I love in my life. Recently I watched this video, where Hrithik spoke about success. He said when you have time do all of the things that you ever wanted, that is called success. His words did motivated me to a great extent. I am very much dedicated from now onwards towards blogging.

Anyways lets get started on the review.


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Hair care

Moisturizing hair mask at home – My experience

Hi All, 

During summer, my hair get super oily due to sweating and I need to wash it like every single day to make it look fresh. And daily shampooing tends to dry ends. You might be facing the same hair issues as mine so I thought I would share the natural hair mask that I have used recently on my hair.

Moisturizing hair mask at home 2


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french manicure1
Life, Nail

Another version of French manicure, Little life updates, Maybelline color show pink voltage 010

Hey there,

Its been a long time since I have written here. I was just trying to catch up with life. Many things happened, some are good and some are bad. Obviously its the journey that matters not the destination. So I never mind about the bad part. The main thing that hit me is I was ill-treated at work and without a second thought or a backup , I just resigned. I don't know where I am going to work next. I will update you all soon. As of now, I am in search of job. And this is the trending news of my life cheeky


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Airlift movie review

Airlift movie review

Few days back I decided to take a break from my monotonous life. But little did I know that, no matter how much ever I try to run away from noise, it follows me! Hence I thought to watch a sensible movie. As far as I read about the movie, I found out that its interesting. I got dolled up on a Saturday morning and went over to PVR to watch Airlift with my best friend.

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Pond's white beauty face wash review price in India
Face Wash

Pond’s white beauty face wash review , price in India

Does Pond’s white beauty face wash work ? Does pond’s white beauty really makes the face white(fair).  what are the side effects of pond’s white beauty face wash. You might be having all these questions before buying whitening products. I have all the answers for the above mentioned questions, since I have been using this from a couple of months.

Indian house hold is obsessed with fairness and whitening products. Almost every brand has come up with a whitening range here. That’s another story altogether, because many of them fails to work.

Read more to know how it worked out for me…

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