Airlift movie review

Airlift movie review

Few days back I decided to take a break from my monotonous life. But little did I know that, no matter how much ever I try to run away from noise, it follows me! Hence I thought to watch a sensible movie. As far as I read about the movie, I found out that its interesting. I got dolled up on a Saturday morning and went over to PVR to watch Airlift with my best friend.

Movie starts with an usual song like any Bollywood movie. The flow of the movie is very good. It never let me to drift away. The story is shown very realistically. Overall it was worth watching.

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I had my favorite nachos and cheese dip. After coming out, I had my lemon tea to chill out. Nothing else, Sorry gals I don’t have any photos of mine to post.

At last, the movie left me with a very good thought in my mind and I kept wondering about it till I reach home. It taught me that you should always think what have you done for the country than thinking what did the country do for you.

It is the best patriotic movie in the recent times!

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