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Another version of French manicure, Little life updates, Maybelline color show pink voltage 010

Hey there,

Its been a long time since I have written here. I was just trying to catch up with life. Many things happened, some are good and some are bad. Obviously its the journey that matters not the destination. So I never mind about the bad part. The main thing that hit me is I was ill-treated at work and without a second thought or a backup , I just resigned. I don't know where I am going to work next. I will update you all soon. As of now, I am in search of job. And this is the trending news of my life cheeky


Coming to the post, I was little bored of French manicures so I came up with this idea of using similar colors for French manicure. I used to sport long nails but now I have restrained myself for shorter nails.

Steps to re create this look:

  • Apply a base coat of pearl or n*de color. Wait till it dries.
  • Apply a soft pink/baby pink on the edges of the nails. You might need a little free hand flow to draw a smooth line using the applicator. I have not used any special brushes here.
  • Once dried, apply a transparent nail paint all over.

french manicure2

Products used:

french manicure

Pink is from Maybelline and other two are street side shopping. Maybelline color show pink voltage 010.


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