Elle 18 color pop eye liner review
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Elle 18 color pop liner Green review and swatch

Hi All,

This post includes review, swatch, winged eye look using Elle 18 color pop in green color. 

Elle 18 color pop eye liner review

After a long break, I have taken control of my life. I have decided to do all the things that I love in my life. Recently I watched this video, where Hrithik spoke about success. He said when you have time do all of the things that you ever wanted, that is called success. His words did motivated me to a great extent. I am very much dedicated from now onwards towards blogging.

Anyways lets get started on the review.


Elle 18 color pop eye liner review

I bought this shade after swatching blue,black and green. Those are the only shades available in the local stores. 

Reason behind buying Elle 18 color pop liner Green:

I am always in search of colored eye liners and its been a really long time since I have used liquid liners. So I picked it up and also to draw beautiful winged liners smiley

Price of Elle 18 color pop liner Green: Rs. 80/-

Color performance of Elle 18 color pop liner Green:

One swipe is great to get the desired color out. It has the shimmery texture to it. So you don't get that matt finish. Also it is best suited for parties or functions. In fact, these photos are from Gowri and Ganesha festival.

Elle 18 color pop eye liner review

Staying time of Elle 18 color pop liner Green:

It stays for good amount of time, unless you rub it. It starts to chip off once you rub it.


Elle 18 color pop eye liner review

Few areas of improvement:

I would have appreciated if they had printed the list of ingredients. Also, they should mention whether it is cruelty free or not.

Good things:

  • Decently priced. One don't have to worry about the price, just go ahead and try it.
  • Good pigmentation in color.

Overall Rating: 5/5.

For the given price, it is good to buy colored eyeliners from Elle 18 than buying from any unknown chain brands.


Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a product specialist. The above post is just my opinion and experience. It is not a proof of any product’s results. All products are not meant for all types of skin. So choose wisely before using it or consult you doctor if you are going through medication. I do not take any responsibility for any after reactions from the products that are revived here.



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