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Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk review

Sri Sri Ayurveda is coming up many health and beauty products. Lately, I am bored of Patanjali, so I thought to give this a try.

Price of Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk : Rs.70/-

Cleansing milk is a very basic product that occupies a special place in all vanity. It is used to cleaning up the face and also to remove makeup. Cleansing milk is the first product to be used during facial sessions.  


Reason behind buying Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk:

I have used cleansing milk of ayur  and other few brands. They gave the pretty decent result. Soon after I switched to Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk, my skin is behaving very well

Claims of Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk:

It helps in reducing sebum, excess oil, dirt dead cells and makeup. Resultant glowing clear and fresh skin.

Effects of using Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk:

It is showing up amazing results on my skin. It has a very good lemon flavored fragrance. Consistency is like honey and can be easily taken out on the cotton. Just a spoon full of the cleansing milk cleanses the face to a great extent. The result is same as getting clean up done at the salon. My skin feels refreshed and crystal clear from dirt. Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk is a great makeup remover too. After a tiring day out, if you wipe your skin with this cleansing milk, you can see the black dust on the cotton. And the best thing is all the ingredients mentioned are herbal.

 Sri Sri Ayurveda cleansing milk is the great product at affordable cost in the Indian market. Go ahead and buy it if you looking for an affordable and super cleansing milk. I am very happy with product.



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